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Gentle Birth Method

The Gentle Birth Method has been developed by the obstetrician Dr Gowri Motha and is described in her book – Gentle Birth Method (Thorsons 2004). This is a special programme to help women through their pregnancies, month-by-month. As Gentle Birth Method Practitioners we aim to support and encourage you in following the programme. It is easy to follow and includes:

· Advice on diet and exercise

· Creative Healing Massage

· Reflexology

· Relaxation Techniques

· Visualization

This method may help you with many of the common pregnancy ailments such as anxiety and fear of labour, back pain and oedema(fluid retention), sleeplessness.
It may also help to; encourage your baby into the best birthing position; improve your likelihood of a shorter, intervention-free labour; reduce or prevent tearing; manage and control pain and contractions; bond more deeply with your baby.
This method, combined with conventional antenatal care is an ideal preparation for birth and motherhood.

Diet, exercise and lifestyle are essential elements of the programme. The approach is deliberately kept as simple and easy to follow as possible, but even so mothers find it helpful to have support and encouragement in follow the guidelines described in Gowri’s book.

Creative Healing Massage is an essential component of the Gentle Birth Method. It is a nurturing, calming treatment performed with a gentle touch using virgin olive oil. Its aim is to restore normal function to any disturbed part of the body and it can be used at any time in a person’s life, but in pregnancy it can help to drain the lymphatic system and keep you healthy and in the best possible condition to give birth. It is deeply relaxing and completely safe in pregnancy.
Creative Healing was developed in the United States by Joseph B Stephenson towards the beginning of the last century. Its aim is to realign energy flows, restore drainage channels and body temperatures and reposition displaced substances within the body.

Reflexology is an important part of the Gentle Birth Method and is one of the most powerful non-invasive healing treatments available. It is based on the theory that the feet are mini maps of the body and every area of the foot relates to a specific area of the body. Energy or life force is believed to circulate through the body and if this flow is disrupted this will manifest in the feet as tiny nodules or thickenings; during a treatment these stuck areas are believed to clear and improved well-being may result. In pregnancy Reflexology may help to:

· reduce anxiety and sleeplessness

· reduce blood pressure

· reduce swelling in feet and ankles

· reduce varicose veins

· improve digestion and help many other physical functions

· oxygenate the baby

Deep muscle relaxation and visualization
During the treatment sessions and on your own in between sessions you will be encouraged to relax deeply and visualize a positive birth experience. Overcoming fear and anxiety is a vital part of preparing for birth and enjoying pregnancy.

What happens in a typical session?
Each session is tailored to your particular stage of pregnancy and to your unique needs, but typically would consist of an opportunity to talk about any worries, advice on diet and lifestyle issues; a relaxing healing massage and reflexology treatment accompanied by positive visualization/hypnotherapy birth preparation and relaxation.

The course of treatments is designed to suit you. Many mothers choose to have treatments every other week, or even weekly, especially towards the end of pregnancy when they feel the need of more support and help in getting ready for the birth. Postnatally, and prenatally, home visits can be arranged and the cost of this depends on how local you are. Gift Vouchers are available. For more information about the Gentle Birth Method Jean Goodliffe, Lucy Pilkington or Heather Guerrini

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